Level 21

I wanted to get to level 20 before June 8.  It has been less than a month since I started playing Pokemon go.  It is getting harder to catch the easy stuff and the next level requires 75,000 experience points.  Here is what I have learned thus far in the game.

  • I am hatching eggs on a regular basis.  I have had good luck getting quality Pokemon in my arsenal.
  • I am preparing for Pidgey Stacking event.  right now I have 375 Pidgey candy and about 120 Pidgeys,
  • I increased my Pokemon storage to 350 and I may upgrade soon to 400.  I am keeping Pidgeys,  I transfer any Pokemon that get appraised that get the “Room for improvement as far as battling goes” to the professor.
  • I use the  Pokemon IV Calculator site to make decisions on which Pokemon I will keep and evolve.
  • I have been learning how to throw curve balls.
  • I never miss a day going to a stop or catching a Pokemon.  The seven day in a row reward is great.

All in all, I am still excited about the game.  I am playing with co-workers and I am having fun.

Level 10 Gyms on the ASU Gillonville Campus

Today the Pokemon Go crew, Dorea, Darryn and myself took both gyms on campus to level 10.  Yellow team has had possession of these gyms for a few days now.  When I first started playing the game the  Blue Team always took over the gyms right after we took them over.  for the past few days, there has not been a challenge from Team Blue so we powered them up to level 10.

I am currently in the middle of Level 19.

Pokemon Go IV Calculator

Today I learned more about how to evaluate your Pokemon.  I started using a Pokemon Go IV Calculator.  I am currently at Level 18 and I have evolved three Pokemon.  I am at a point in the game where I want to start understanding which Pokemon in my possession I should evolve and which ones I should transfer to the professor. My friend Darryn is helping me with understanding the deeper analysis of Pokemon.