Pidgey Stack

It is just math

My friend Darryn told me about Pidgey stacks when I first started playing Pokémon Go on May 8, 2017. Today I racked up 97,000 Experience Points (XP) in 30 minutes. I did not understand how it worked until today.

The smallest brings the big score

For the past three months, I caught about 500 Pidgeys. I had 584 Pidgey candy before I started evolving them. I did not know why I was catching the little birds. I caught so many of them that real birds started looking like computer generated Pidgeys.

Sometimes I would avoid catching anything but Pidgeys. When my Pokedex got full I bought more space for the small birds. I eventually got tired of catching them just when raids started.

The big pay off

During a special event, the XP points increase by a factor of two. When you drop

Level 25 After Pidgey Stack
Level 25 After Pidgey Stack

a lucky egg you increase any XP point gained by a factor of two. The idea is that you evolve the Pidgeys during an event with a dropped lucky egg.

It takes 12 Pidgey candies to evolve one Pidgey into a Pidgeotto. My stash of candy ran out before my Pidgeys did. My next Pidgey Stack will have a better plan.  I started evolving Pidgeys about 5:45 PM and finished at about 6:15 PM.  I had about 23,000 XP before I started and finished with 120,843 XP after I finished.

Is it worth it

The thrill of evolving so many Pidgeys and getting them out of my Pokedex was worth the effort.  getting a bonus of all the XP was the rush that makes this type of gameplay make sense.  I will start collecting Pidgeys again for another stack.

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