Pics from first attempt at a Raid

My alternate account (not a Team Instinct account) was high enough level today to participate in a Raid. So for the experience and to get some intel on the whole process, Lonnie and I headed to the gym to see what the future holds. Check out the photos!

Raid near you!
There’s a raid battle about to start near you!

So this was the first indication that there was a Raid about to occur. It popped up when I first logged in this morning. Certainly helps with trying to keep an eye out for Raids!

Time till raid
Notice the timer countdown above the gym.

In this screenshot you can see that there is a countdown timer above the notorious “Boss” egg at the gym where the Raid will occur.

Prep to battle
Boss has hatched … let’s get ready to rumble!

Now the boss has hatched and Lonnie and I were at the gym ready to test this process. Look at the CP on this bad boy!

Raid pass required
Have to have a Raid Pass in order to battle

You have to have a Raid pass in order to battle. You get one free each day (assuming you’re at a level high enough to participate … which isn’t everyone at the moment, unfortunately). If you ARE able to battle and one isn’t enough for you per day, you can buy a premium pass in the store for 100 coins each. I haven’t bought one but I’ve heard that they are good for a whole day. Maybe I’ll buy one in the future and test it out.

Preparing to battle
Preparing to battle

Next, you have to prepare for battle. Get your line up of Pokemon to participate with you. Meanwhile, the box at the top in the middle is counting down … while it searches for other people to participate with you. When the timer runs out, the battle begins. As a side note, that group code to the upper right allows you to play with a private group of people. I didn’t fiddle with that this time around.

Battle ensues
Battle ensues

When the countdown timer ends, the battle begins. I think it gives you a total of 145 seconds to beat the boss… I didn’t pay good enough attention to that part. This photo is actually right at the end, he was much bigger before I beat him…when I beat him he shrunk in half!

You get a couple of awards when you win…

Won revives
Won revives
Won some Golden Razz Berries
Won some Golden Razz Berries
Screen shot of Summary
Screenshot of Summary

Get to TRY catch the boss...
Get to TRY to catch the boss…

Next … you get some special premium balls … those are the white ball you see in this screen shot. The number of balls you get is apparently based on how much damage you did to the boss, and I think there is a number based on if you’re the same team that controls the gym (which in this case I was). If you go look at the Summary photo again, you’ll see the number 11 at the bottom for the Total. That’s the number of premium balls I got to try and catch the boss with. Unfortunately, despite lots of fruit (buh-bye golden rasp berries) and multiple curveball/great hit combos … I did not succeed in catching the boss. 🙁

What the gym looks like afterward
What the gym looks like afterward

Finally, this is what the gym looks like after you’ve beaten the boss … and after you’ve beaten him, that’s it … no chance to try again. I couldn’t even spin the stop that is at the gym at that point…have to wait till the boss’s hour is over to do that.

Oh well, it was still fun! Can’t wait till my Team Instinct account can actually do Raids with Lonnie an Darryn!

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