Level 21

I wanted to get to level 20 before June 8.  It has been less than a month since I started playing Pokemon go.  It is getting harder to catch the easy stuff and the next level requires 75,000 experience points.  Here is what I have learned thus far in the game.

  • I am hatching eggs on a regular basis.  I have had good luck getting quality Pokemon in my arsenal.
  • I am preparing for Pidgey Stacking event.  right now I have 375 Pidgey candy and about 120 Pidgeys,
  • I increased my Pokemon storage to 350 and I may upgrade soon to 400.  I am keeping Pidgeys,  I transfer any Pokemon that get appraised that get the “Room for improvement as far as battling goes” to the professor.
  • I use the  Pokemon IV Calculator site to make decisions on which Pokemon I will keep and evolve.
  • I have been learning how to throw curve balls.
  • I never miss a day going to a stop or catching a Pokemon.  The seven day in a row reward is great.

All in all, I am still excited about the game.  I am playing with co-workers and I am having fun.

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